Prenatal massage

60 mins – £38 / 90 mins – £42

During pregnancy, it is more important than ever to look after your own health and wellbeing. Pregnancy is an amazing time but can put a lot of strain on a women, mentally and physically. Recent studies have shown that minimising stress and making time for relaxation during pregnancy benefits both mum and baby during and after pregnancy.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Eases muscular tension

  • Helps restore postural balance

  • Increases flow of nutrients and eliminates toxins

  • Reduces swelling and water retention

  • Normalises blood pressure

  • Encourages deeper breathing and relaxation

  • Minimises nausea

  • Prepares you physically, emotionally and mentally for birthing your baby

  • Another benefit here

Postnatal massage

60 mins – £38 / 90 mins – £55

Being a new mum is without a doubt the best job in the world, but it is also the most demanding.  When you're little one arrives your priorities change overnight and "you time" becomes non-existent; physically, your body has also changed dramatically.

Postnatal massage is similar pregnancy massage, but we include abdominal massage in the treatment which helps realign the digestive organs, uterus and restore posture after pregnancy.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Can help with breastfeeding

  • Relaxes muscles after pregnancy and childbirth

  • Helps restore and re-align digestive and reproductive organs

  • Breaks down scar tissue and stretch marks

Frequently asked questions

If your pregnancy is classed as ‘high risk’, written consent should be obtained from your GP or Midwife prior to booking. If there is any history of miscarriage or any spotting, massage should be avoided until after the 4th week of the second trimester.


There are few instances where fertility massage cannot be carried out. Any contraindications are assessed on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you have a coil fitted, we would just avoid the womb area but would still be able to work on the upper & lower abdomen, gluteal, lumbar and sacral regions.

Contraindications are as follows:

  • If you are already pregnant
  • 3 days prior to and during heavy bleeding (womb can be avoided)
  • Coil / IUD fitted (womb can be avoided)
  • Within 6 weeks or minor surgery
  • Within 1 year of major surgery (or with approval from GP)
  • Active infection of STD
  • Avoid womb area and deep sacral massage post ovulation if you are actively trying to conceive or have had implantation

With so much emphasis being put on a "due date", you can become stressed when you're overdue, which can make the body more tense and delay labour further. 

Massage allows you to relax by increasing endorphins and oxytocin hormones, releasing tense muscles and allowing your body to feel safe enough to begin labour naturally. 

At this late stage, essential oil blends such as Clary sage and Jasmine can be used to help things along.

Most doctors will ask you to wait a couple of weeks before getting a massage. This is because, any complication that might crop up, like infections and fever usually occur in the first two weeks after birth. It is also better to allow the caesarean cut to fully heal before starting massages.

The cut heals faster though than internal bruises, aches and pains. So it's best to avoid the abdomen area at first and stick to a massage of the head, feet and arms. You can even get a back massage sitting up.

After about 5-6 weeks, a scar tissue will have formed on your scar. By this time, you will also feel comfortable lying on your tummy again. At this point it will be safe to have a special scar tissue massage. This involves gently massaging of the region around your scar. Experts say this can help reduce the scar and heal the deeper layers of the wound. It can also help prevent your tissues from sticking together, also known as adhesions. You will need a maalishwali who is familiar with this kind of scar massage.

Of course, I understand that it's difficult to take time away from your newborn, especially if you're breastfeeding on demand!